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Industrial Park Paks

Dear Visitor,

Paks, ipar, park

Welcome to Paks Industrial Park, the local industrial and economic development centre in Paks, a city, with a nuclear power plant, famous of its gorgeous fish soup, football and basketball.

Paks, industry and park. What do these three words mean to us?

There’s no need to introduce Paks, as this city name is well known to all in Hungary. Nicknamed Atom City after the local nuclear power plant, this city offers lots of sights and other attractions. Also, the City of Paks is the owner of our company. Now, we have arrived at the second word: industry. It is of importance for the City to have a multifaceted industrial profile covering not only the flagship of the Hungarian nuclear industry but also to promote and support the development of other segments of local industry and economy, in an effort of creating new jobs. Paks Industrial Park has specifically been established with this goal in view, namely to provide area and infrastructure for such development, i.e. to accommodate firms.

We, professionally competent and experienced staff members of Paksi Ipari Park Kft. operating as an independent economic entity, have recognized that our key goal and task is to help companies, which have already established themselves in the Park, operate, on the one hand, and to attract new innovative partners into our growing Industrial Park, on the other. 

Features to attract potential new partners are:

  • a wide choice of fully improved customisable plots;
  • area situated between Motorway M6 and the Danube River, 1 km from each, on the outskirts of town;
  • the whole development area, including the lots still on sale, is going to be on a steep rise in value with the advent of nuclear power plant’s extension with new blocks;
  • we work to a consistently high standard in providing industrial estate services throughout the entire operation period;
  • the Paks area is one of Hungary’s cheapest regions in terms of wages;
  • the City offers a high cultural quality of life.

That’s what we are about to present you, with convincing data, on our website.

For more info, visit us on site!

Best regards,

Dr. Sándor Sztruhár
Managing director